What are you looking for?

What a database does for your business.

Quicker Decision Making
Manipulate your data easily to get the information you need to make informed decisions.
Improved Security
Lock up your data tight to keep out people who shouldn't be seeing the innerworkings of your business.
Save Time
Having your data in one place lets you automate repetitive tasks.
Better Integration
Easily import, export, or integrate your data with other software as your business's needs grow.
Better Organization
Have data neatly enter your system and follow a set of rules so you know exactly where everything is when you need it.

Ready to get started?

We offer a wide variety of services to help set up any business with all the tools they need to succeed online. Whether you need a brand new website, or just a new look we have you covered. Our process is simple.

  1. Schedule your initial consultation – this is very important, while scheduling you will answer a variety of questions that will help us determine exactly what you need in your project.
  2. Initial consultation – on our call, which should take anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes, we will address all of your needs, and give you insight as to what direction you need to take. At the end, and once we’re both on the same page as to the project details, we will give you a firm, no hidden fee, no obligation quote for your project, and a projected timeline for the project. This will include our fee for building the database/managing it, as well as your projected operation costs that will be paid directly to you by any software providers you need to use.
  3. Pay our deposit – This will be anywhere from 30-50% of our total project fee.
  4. Password Questionnaire – Within 24 hours, we will send you a sheet to fill out and send back to us if necessary. This will give us the logins to anything we need to accesses throughout the terms of our agreement.
  5. Wireframing/blueprint – We will send this within 1 week of the payment of the initial deposit. This wireframe will be a visual aid to how your new system will work at every step. We will send this to you along with the agreement to confirm all agreed upon features have been implemented into the plan. You will approve and send this back to us.
  6. Database development begins – Once the blueprint is approved, we will begin the actual work on the project.
  7. Drafting phase – Weekly updates on the project details, what has been accomplished, target goals for next week, etc. to give you peace of mind that your project is getting done.
  8. Walkthrough phase – Once we have a working product, we walk you through ever step of the database to physically show you all the agreed upon features have been implemented. If for some reason, something isn’t working, we go back, fix it, and walk you through it again until everything is done.
  9. Final product submission Upon ensuring all aspects of your database are in working order, we submit to you the final database product along with the final invoice for the project.
  10. Payment of final invoice and document turnover – Once invoice is paid, we will submit a document over with the visual blueprint of the final product, your account details, as well as instructions as to how to log into and view the necessary parts of your database. The document will also include the costs associated with your database operation, what software you are paying specifically, and the frequency at which your payment method will be charged.
Data Consolidation
Custom CRMs
Custom PM Solutions
Patient Portals

Let your system handle the repetitive tasks you need to do in your business

Either you’re paying someone to do the same tedious task over an over again, or you’re doing it yourself. Whether its sending emails to people when certain conditions are met, or sending customer shipping data to vendors at the end of the day, we have the experience to save you time and money by handling these tasks for you automatically.

Have all of your data flow into one hub that can handle all aspects of your business as you scale

Already have data stored in a variety of places, like WordPress or even a simple excel document? We can easily take your current data and build a system right into your website, so you can store and manage your data all in one place.  As your needs grow, we can integrate other software into your own database to keep your costs down while also keeping everything in one place.

A system for you and your team to manage and track all stages of the relationship between you and your customers

Know what step in the sales process your customers are and identify their specific needs to keep your customers happy.

A project management system that can help you and your team keep track of all tasks

Not only is important for everyone in the business to know exactly what they should be working on, and when it is due, but its also important for you, and any project leads, to be able to view this data and easily identify inefficiencies in your business.

HIPAA compliant data management solutions

For healthcare professionals to ensure they stay compliant in every step of their business, from managing internal business workings, to logging patient interactions.


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If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us either through our online chat or our contact us page. If you’re ready to get started with your project, schedule your initial consultation today.

What type of companies do you work with?
We focus a majority of our efforts towards medium to large sized businesses that have been in business for 5+ years. On special occasions we will work with smaller businesses or start-ups, that have clear and concise goals for what they want already mapped out.
How long does a database usually take to build?
At minimum you're looking at 1-3 months from start to delivery of a final product. However, that time can significantly increase depending on the complexity of your project and the size and complexity of the system and your business.
Once the database is finished, is there anything else I need to know?
Upon completion of the database and payment of the final invoice from you, we will send you a sheet that details the necessities of your database. This will include; logins for any profiles you may have, software costs and frequency of renewal information, as well as the blueprint for the system.
Do you offer any branding services?
Yes, we have a whole division dedicated towards marketing and advertising that can handle all of your needs from logos, to brand story videos, social media setup and management, and more.
What platforms do you work with?
We work with all platforms including custom coding based on what your company is already using and what it needs for current and future needs. A majority of our clients are either on WordPress, Shopify, or a custom built website.
Do I have to provide the copy for the website or do you handle that too?
Either or is fine for us. If you would like to do the copy for your website, you would simply provide it to us and we will build the design around what you would like to convey. However, we also have professional copywriters onboard that can handle it for you. Upon payment of our deposit, we will send you a tailor made questionnaire for you to fill out and send back that will help us write everything you need for your business's website.
When you hand over the website, will it run forever on its own?
Or website building techniques are modern and efficient, so they will last a good while. However, you can think of your website as an engine that does need continued maintenance to make sure it operating at peak performance. We offer maintenance services to assure your website is running smooth, along with other management services such as ongoing monthly reports so that you can focus on what's important, growing your business.
Now that I have a website, how do I get people to see it?
Once your website is set up, the foundation of your business is ready to handle customers at scale. We have services that can help directly get you customers in the door such as SEO, PPC advertising, social media and email marketing and more.

Have any questions about your project, let’s talk.

You can either schedule a call to talk about a specific project, or contact us to answer a specific question you may have.
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